Our Proposed Hotel

Our proposals are for a new 105-bedroom hotel at the new junction off Townstal Road, which will form a gateway to the Little Cotton Farm development

Facilities will include a car park, a ground floor bar/restaurant, and an outdoor seating area. After exiting the new junction on the A3122 and travelling along the new access road that leads into the housing development, visitors will reach the main car park and enter the hotel from the south, as shown on the site plan here.

Site plan

The proposals provide for 96 parking spaces and a delivery bay for hotel servicing. The parking area includes new tree planting, to soften the edges of the site and provide a visual screen to nearby homes.

The materials used to build the new hotel have been carefully chosen to ensure they are in keeping with the local area and meet a high standard for energy efficiency and sustainability, including using local stone and natural timber effect cladding.

Please click here for further detail on the proposed design and materials