and Jobs

A new Premier Inn in Dartmouth would help support local businesses and tourism, as well as create year-round jobs with opportunities to advance a career with the UK’s largest hotel business.


A new 105-bedroom hotel on the outskirts of Dartmouth will create 30 year-round jobs for the town.

All Premier Inn team members are permanent employees who receive paid on-the-job training and have the opportunity to work towards structured apprenticeships. Our culture is to promote from within.

All recruitment and training is led by our in-house teams and we are particularly focused on encouraging people who are not currently working, in employment, or training to join us.

If our planning application is approved, we would make a multi-million pound investment in the construction of the hotel, supporting jobs directly in and around Dartmouth on and off site for the duration of the build.

Year-round economic contribution

We find that our hotels make a positive economic contribution to the communities they serve, as our guests go out to eat, drink, shop, visit attractions, and generally make the most of the local area.

Our own research, based on 10,000 responses from our guests staying in leisure and coastal locations like Dartmouth during summer 2020, is that the average guest spends £55 per night excluding accommodation costs. Of this expenditure, 60% (£29) was spent in the local area (within two miles of where our guests are staying).

Based on these figures and the predicted occupancy rate of the Dartmouth hotel, we anticipate guests of the Premier Inn Dartmouth hotel will result in millions of pounds per year in visitor expenditure in the local economy each year, which will help support local businesses and tourism, as well as bolster Dartmouth’s position as a thriving coastal town.

Our research also indicates that whilst a significant majority of the guests in the hotel during the peak season will be leisure visitors, there will also be business travellers year-round.

An estimated £11 million invested in the construction

Over 50 direct jobs created in the local area from the construction

Around 30 jobs created on-site once operating